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This is our club. This is our history. These are our values. This is our success.  

This IS the Celtic Way!  


They gave us the gift of Celtic -  now you can step back in time with us and celebrate Brother Walfrid’s dream and Willie Maley’s glory at Our Foundation: The Celtic Way fundraising dinner party which will take place on Saturday 23rd March in the Crowne Plaza, Glasgow. 

Join us as we recall and honour the core principles established by Brother Walfrid and our Founding Fathers, that devotion to helping those most vulnerable in our communities which sets us apart as more than a football club. 

…and as we relive and celebrate the incredible 52-year career of Willie Maley, our first manager, the Newry man tasked with setting the standards both on and off the pitch for the long and unbroken history which would follow…bringing some great names to the game to play football the Glasgow Celtic way! We honour too those great players of our early history. 

You will enjoy a delicious three course meal, live entertainment, party games, auction and prize draw 
and some surprises! You will also have the opportunity to enter our fantastic prize draw.

Celtic FC Foundation 

Your magnificent support will assist Celtic FC Foundation to honour Brother Walfrid’s wish and make a difference to so many vulnerable children, young people and adults through its project delivery today. 

You can find out more about the Foundation’s work here: Thanks for your wonderful support. We can’t wait to party with you again!  

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Celtic FC Foundation Supporters Committee 

If you know your history… 

In the autumn of 1887, a group of well-intentioned individuals, mainly of Irish origin, sought a means to alleviate the extreme poverty faced by many families in the east end of Glasgow. The fruits of their efforts would be a football club, to be known as Celtic, its very name building a bridge between the native Scots and the immigrant Irish, and a club which would be open to all from the outset, irrespective of background. 

More than 135 years later, Celtic Football Club still stands as a monument to those values, having thrilled the descendants of those early volunteers for decade after decade by playing football The Glasgow Celtic Way, and by continuing to care for those most in need of our support.  

That combination of skill and principles has established Celtic as a worldwide phenomenon, a huge part of everyday life for folk in every part of the globe and in all circumstances. 

“A reason for living the other six days of the week,” as someone once memorably described it.  

Many of those who dreamed of and then delivered Celtic are revered to this day, with two names perhaps more prominent than others. Brother Walfrid, the Sligo-born teacher whose tenure at the club was surprisingly brief but who was fundamental in the birth and spirit of Celtic. And Willie Maley, who played in our first-ever match then devoted the next five decades of his life to ensuring those values were manifest in those who wore our colours.  

This is our club. This is our history. These are our values. This is our success.   

This IS the Celtic Way!